The National Directory of Public Record Vendors

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The National Directory of Public Record Vendors

BRB Publications, Inc. 1-800-929-3811.

There are over 3,300 companies profiled and indexed for public records vendors in the United States. As investigators that regularly have information needs from around the United States, we have found those to be listed in the publication to be competent, timely, and helpful. We like to think that as investigators we have world reach in our scope, and while we do, we must also depend upon those who have local experience and knowledge of the local procedures and personalities necessary to obtain the information. If you use this book only once it will save you the time and cost of trying to do it yourself. Don’t waste your time: Find the local expert. The target audience for this book is attorneys, legal aids/assistants, private investigators, public document researches, and genealogists tenant screening firms looking for out of state records on a new arrival.

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