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When in China you must remember that the Government sees all and that the military — or those closely associated with the military — are the commercial engine behind most of China.

China has also received a severe public bruising from the United States. A real loss of “face” has occurred in their eyes. The bruising is from several areas. The constant drumming the US gives China on it human rights record. We pummel them in the UN and we pummel them in the US Congress — rightly or wrongly — only depending on you point of view. The Chinese military has tried, fairly successfully, to buy influence in the US Democratic party. After years of investigation it has been learned that the infamous Charley Tree was a front man for the Chinese military.

The Chinese have also lost the cooperation of the US military/industrial complex in assistance with their rocket launches because some of the information — telemetry and navigation intelligence —was passed from the US industry to Chinese industry and, mysteriously, found its way into the hands of the Chinese military. (Hello: In China industry and military are the same. Wake up!) It also doesn’t help that we are also now investigating a Chinese spy at the Los Alamos facility in New Mexico, who is suspected of transferring nuclear weapons technology to the Chinese.

After all this constant berating of against the Chinese and considering their sense of “face,” we wonder why the Chinese government buses demonstrators from the suburbs to throw rocks and ink bottles at the US embassy in China after a mistake in bombing inYugoslavia. This is the first time we have given them a chance to blast the US, and they will continue to do so for a long time. They have called off diplomatic relations with the US and suspended talks all of the issues relating to supply of technology to India, Pakistan, Iran, etc. Why? Because trade restrictions will hurt industry — which is the Chinese military — who now have an excuse to have a free hand in negotiating new arms and technology sales contracts.

As a side note, just try to buy a US flag for stomping-on, or a Clinton character for burning in China. These are made by the government, and stomped on and burnt by government employees for television consumption. Heck, the buses they used to bus in the demonstrators are all government owned buses. The buses, demonstrators, and the burning and stomping must be well coordinated so that there is sufficient time to allow for them to make it on the nightly news. Good media qualified demonstrations don’t just happen, they must be planned.

If traveling to China, take normal precautions and try to avoid identifying yourself on the street as an US Citizen. This includes dress mannerisms and attitude. If you are there as a tourist you are more likely to get in trouble than is you are buying, selling or negotiating.

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