Money Laundering, A guide for Criminal Investigations

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Money Laundering, A guide for Criminal Investigations

John Madinger, and Sydney A. Zalopany

Published by CRC Press 1 (800) 272-7737

The authors definitely know what they are writing about, and enjoy the topic material a great deal: This shows in the writing and the careful treatment of the reader. The book begins with a bit of history to ground the reader and student in the field of financial crimes and money laundering, using colorful caricatures from criminal history and politics. I follows with a basic grounding in the law as it relates to financial crimes and money laundering.

The second section of the book takes the reader/student through the basics of financial investigations, sources of information, and available investigative tools.

The third section ties all of the history, laws, and tools into real life investigative practical examples, with all of their successes and short comings. This is a complex topic for the novice or uninitiated. This book goes further in bringing readers —beginner and expert — from the beginning to the end, than any other book this reviewer has seen to date.

This is a book that every investigator of money laundering — both novice and expert — should have by their side. Not only is it a good read, but its layout helps to make difficult topics easier to understand. The beginner will receive a good grounding in a difficult subject. The expert should use this book as a tool to educate prosecutors, juries, and judges.

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