Corporate Crime by Marshall Clinard and Peter Yeager

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Corporate Crime

Marshall Clinard and Peter Yeager

Transaction Publishers ISBN: 1-4128-0493-0 435 pages $34.95?


This is a re-issue of an interesting book that was originally published in 1980. It includes a new introduction. It is not a light read for a quick review of the field, but, rather, a thoughtful look at what has come before in terms of analysis and corporate crime studies, what is now and what the future holds.

It takes a very good look at what the crimes are, as well as the regulatory approach to “reporting to stop crime” (They offer the industry rebuttal of the waste of time and paper, and the real cost of crime direct and indirect.

It is interesting to note that most corporate crime goes unpunished. When punished, it is mostly done an administrative level, with very few cases actually reaching the courts.

The book is well written. If we have a criticism, it is in the perspective of the authors. They are professors and have not (to our knowledge) run companies. Nor have they investigated corporate crime, as we do. It thus lacks that “hands on” approach one get from dealing with corporate crime and fraud, and shows its academic roots. This is not in itself a bad thing, and Corporate Crime remains a good buy and a good read.

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