Pay Stub Extreme Income Makeover Better than an AmEx Platinum Card stapled to your forehead

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Pay Stub Extreme Income Makeover Better than an AmEx Platinum Card stapled to your forehead

Several Internet companies are offering “novelty pay check stubs” for, of course, entertainment purposes only.

For $89.95 you can buy a fake paycheck stub on-line that will fool anyone, according to the company that sells them. The paychecks are realistic enough to include the trademark of ADP, a major provider of payroll services to employers. ADP is ticked off to say the least. In fact, ADP has sued the site for trademark infringement in a San Jose, California court. The Associated Press and a number of newspapers have written about the suit.

The fake pay stub site has also drawn complaints from industry watchdogs who aren’t buying the company’s claim that its fake paychecks are meant merely to fool your spouse, or impress your neighbors, or for a looser to get a fake paycheck stub to impress a date. We can just hear the mope now: “Hiya babe.Wanna see my stub?”

Unfortunately, that same looser is going to use that same fake paycheck stub to get credit and rip-off the credit grantor, and will use it as proof of gainful employments to rent an apartment, and will use it to prove to their probation officer that they are making a real living (while still selling illegal Canadian Lipitor in retirement centers).

While the Tampa-based Internet business mentioned in the article may not last long, imitators will spring up all over the world. According to statistics we found, there were on average over 15,000 daily click-throughs to the order page in November, December, and January. Now that’s the type of traffic that can generate a real, attractive, pay stub!

The only real protection against fraud involving fake paychecks is direct contact with the employer that supposedly issued the paycheck.

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