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Disinformation, by Lt General Ion Mihai Pacepa and Professor Ronald J. Rychlak. ISBN 978-193648860-5

Pacepa was the former Chief of Romanian Intelligence who defected to the West. In this book a chilling declination of Soviet era disinformation is laid bare. Chapter and verse is shown how the Soviets and now the Russian Security services in their disinformation efforts can destroy a reputation, how Christianity and Judaism are targeted for constant degradation, how over 4,000 agents of disinformation have been planted in the Islamic world and how organization such as the World Counsel of Churches have long been control by intelligence services and used for disinformation. While this is a historical perspective – it continues to be applicable to this very day.

One of our contributors who also read the book shared the following article. It is chapter and verse on how the Russians are funding US Charities to block U.S. oil and gas production. Furthermore, the Russians are looking to use the same ruse of environmentalism to block oil and gas production in Europe. Why? The answer is simple – keep the price up and customer’s dependent upon their production. I get it, it makes good business sense and what they are doing is not illegal. The charities acting for a foreign government have some other issues.

http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/2/richard-rahn-vladimir-putin-funding-opposition-to-/ – link to article

RICHARD RAHN_ Vladimir Putin funding opposition to Keystone pipeline – Washington Times – PDF Version

This book is not only well written it is a fascinating read – go and buy the book.

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