Killing magnetic media

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Killing magnetic media

We are given to understand that the USPS is using devices to irradiate mail to destroy any pathogens that might be included in the mail. The high energy of these devices might erase magnetic media, expose film, and play havoc with flash memory as well as those devices that have any electronic circuitry. The USPS and airport luggage screening companies are using MRI devices to look into packages and luggage. There is some indication that MRI will destroy all magnetic media, mess with flash memory such as EPROM, stick memory, and the like. It can also magnetize watches and other devices, altering their operation.

According the FAA and the Photographic and Image Manufacturing Association (PIMA) the CTXT and other high dose X-Ray systems will damage film of any speed. These devices are used to look into luggage and packages being checked or transported on aircraft.

In short, if this program is implemented, and these results hold true, you cannot ship via the post any magnetic media or flash memory items because of the high likelihood of damage. If you travel, all sensitive electronic gear must be carried on board and you must ask for a hand search if you have any questions about the devices your electronic gear may be passing through. This also has implications for software sales of magnetic media delivered through the mail, and mail promotions using magnetic media, as well as the shipment of flash memory devices and similar EPROM devices.

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