Who are the bad guys?

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Who are the bad guys?

It is always a good idea to check documentation, and birth certificates are a generally accepted form of documentation, especially for things like a passport, first driver’s license and a few other key documents that follow us throughout our lives.

To make life interesting for all of us who rely on such documents for proof of identity, on April 9, 2002 someone stole 2,306 sheets of security paper, that can be used to create birth and death certificates, from the City and County of DenverVital Records Office. In addition, they stole an electronic seal machine that produces an embossed seal of the City and County of Denver.

Two sizes of paper were stolen, one (9 3/4 inches by 7 inches) for birth certificates, preprinted with State of Colorado, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Certified Abstract of Birth, and the name of Ronald S. Hyman, State Registrar. The control numbers (1851001-1853000) are printed in red ink in the seal on the left front side of the paper.

The other (8 by 11 inches), normally used for death certificates but also usable for birth certificates, is preprinted with the name of Franklin Judson, M.D., Local Registrar. The City and County of Denver seal is in the left front corner, and the control numbers (309695-310000) are printed in red ink above the seal.

The presence of these should cause some interesting problems over the next few years, unless they happen to be found before they go into circulation.

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