Sue Doyle, Travel Agent Extraordinaire

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Sue Doyle, Travel Agent Extraordinaire

Your faithful Aegis Editors log a lot of miles each and every year, not a million as some nut did this year, but a lot and to difficult destinations.

We are not the road rangers you see in airplanes with their black fabric roll on luggage who’s cell phone is on the second the wheels touch down.  Our luggage is polycarbonate or aluminum calm shell design and we cannot speak on our phones in a crowd because as what we say with clients is very private and very sensitive – it is the nature of our work.  Nor are we the fellows that are met at the airport with some person holding up a sign for Mr. Aegis. No, this is too much information out to the public.  Alas we are not the people making travel arrangements for ourselves as honestly, some of what face require a heck of lot more skill than TCH (ticket car hotel).

In the last several years Sue has sent us to six cotenants.  She has helped us navigate around two different volcanic eruptions, one in Iceland and one on Montserrat.  Sue has help us exit a country when unrest “freedom fever” broke out.  She has found hotel rooms in NY that were affordable even when the UN was in session.  Help us navigate train strikes and find cars when we were told “«Je suis désolé, monsieur, mais il n’ya pas de voitures disponibles à la location dans toute la région.”  Also she finds some of the most delightful hotels anywhere, both for work and for play.

Sue has also done the near to impossible by arranging transportation with, private ships,  helicopters and jets when a must was a must, with just a call and a text from us.

Also, who do we call when our schedules have gone FUBAR and we have missed connections?  We call Sue.  Often, arrangements are made within minutes of the call, regularly outside of the “options” many commercial carriers are allowed to offer.  No standing in 2 hour lines, trying do it ourselves while the commercial carriers can only feed you what their carrier allows, not what the greater world a professional agent can make possible.

If only to guild the lily a bit, she speaks 3 languages and is working on a 4th.

Please, if you are a serious traveler, anywhere in the world, please think about calling Sue at Mill Avenue Travel +1 (480) 966-6300 or email at  sue(at)

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