Due Diligence is now a Credentialed Profession

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Due Diligence is now a Credentialed Profession

The International Due Diligence Organization was founded to provide
continuing education, establish professional standards, and provide a forum for
professionals to follow the rapidly evolving discipline of Due Diligence. IDDO is the
first professional association to recognize due diligence as a unique and separate
field, discipline, and industry. They provide the opportunity to earn the equivalent
of your Ph.D. in D.D. so one can avoid all of those with a M.S. in B.S.

As odd as this may sound, the IDDO will, in time, fill the same role for Due Diligence
Professional, that Association of Certified Anti Money Launderers (ACAMS) has done
for money laundering and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) has
done for fraud investigations and recovery.

IDDO, in its early formation, was driven by a recognition of the need for an
independent organization to proactively educate and assist with the understanding
of Due Diligence to aid management make informed choices and lower risk by using
an earlier version of the discipline, originally termed ‘management due diligence’.
IDDO was formally launched in 2009 and is the culmination of 27 years of
pioneering efforts to establish the formal discipline of Due Diligence adapted to an
increasingly complex world. Based on formal methodology perfected from extensive
research, and tested in the real world, the guiding principles of the IDDO are
pragmatic, practical, and predictable.

With a history dating back to 1984, IDDO brings the qualities of traditional Due
Diligence together with a vibrant and contemporary understanding of the issues
decision makers face.

Due Diligence is simply the process of pairing representations with facts, and
separating truth from fiction – one would think. Yet look at all of the Due Diligence
failures around us. Billions vanished, Madoff in prison and now banks, accounting
firms, and regulators are being sued to make the investors whole. Where were
these “professionals” when it mattered – really where? All claimed to have done
“Due Diligence” yet look at the gaping, jaw dropping, failures of their methods. The
point I am trying to make here is – they may have been good accountants, bankers
and regulators – but they lacked the training in Due Diligence to actually know what
questions had to be asked… You see they got good answers to the questions they
asked, these supposedly skilled accountants, bankers and regulators just did not
know the correct questions to ask.

Modern Due Diligence is a structured, systematic, consistent, and efficient
methodology of gathering information to assist in risk assessment and decision
management. In assessing the methodologies employed, The Due Diligence
Standards from IDDO are used to assign precise, optimum, and practical procedural
ratings to the overall process. It really is a science – so as to insure the right
questions are asked.

IDDO has Certification Programs bringing the due diligence discipline into the 21st
century, to elevate the professionals ability to deliver choice support that is much
stronger, dependable, defensible, and with the Due Diligence Index it is possible to
rate (score) every part, every function of every organization and thus quantifiable.
The Everyday Due Diligence Tools (EDDTs) bring the level of the full Modern Due
Diligence science that may be too much for a given project, the ability, with the
EDDTs to apply the science to more of everyday choices.

IDDO has the infrastructure to support and continuously improve the discipline and
IDDO’s Science of Due Diligence™. Local or global, IDDO is providing education,
setting standards, certifying professionals, being an advocate, developing tools and
research for the profession of Due Diligence. You will enjoy the training as much as
you will the writings and newsletter from the IDDO.

Membership Information     https://www.international-due-diligence.org/

Membership has a two fold benefit, it is about both gaining access to the knowledge
base training and certification of the IDDO – but also – IDDO members get access to
opportunities, should they come available, for research and consulting assignments
as part of a network of IDDO professionals. These opportunities cover a wide range
of due diligence requirements in firms ranging from large publicly traded companies
to small consultancies. IDDO members can access these private resources to
augment the Due Diligence services they provide.


IDDO is a non-profit organization.

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