Big Data on Fraud

Big Data on Fraud Whether it be security fraud, insurance fraud, billing fraud, or even unemployment fraud, big data and our ability to crunch big data is an important tool. As so much is not automated anymore, we … Read More


Uber The recent slap down of Uber in Germany was prompted by the taxi monopoly.  The monopoly granted to the taxi drivers by the regulators is threatened by this application of ride sharing.  The Uber application … Read More

SpyWarn – App

SpyWarn - App The SpyWarn app from Kevin Murray and Associates is $2.99 and is a gem of an app.  Not sure if that virus software you installed on your phone is catching everything?  Well it’s not! Professionals … Read More

El Niño

El Niño The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center has issued a forecast that an El Niño Event is likely to occur. El Niño is defined by … Read More

Turn It Off

Turn It Off I had lunch with a Technical Security Countermeasures expert and he told me a short story.   On a recent flight delay in the US north east – running a number of hours 30 or 40 he got bored.  He had … Read More

The Perfect Hire

The Perfect Hire The Perfect Hire or the Perfect Avatar? By Susan Goldberg Novelty makes good reading when it comes to print.  Every journalist looks for an alternative view, a new angle, something new to inspire, … Read More

Virtual Currency

Virtual Currency In the Wake of Mt. Gox, and Liberty Reserve ~ Where do we Go From Here? There has been plenty of excitement over the past several months in the land of virtual currencies as viable alternatives to … Read More

Data Breach

Please go to and look at I have been told by reliable sources that only about 20% of major data breaches are reported, thus for August we are looking at many hundreds of … Read More

The Bribe

Xerxes Bribes Ephialtes with women and gold to betray the Spartans to the Persians. Olympics - The first recorded publicly disgraced cheat was Eupholus of Thessaly who, in 388 B.C., bribed three boxers to lose … Read More

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